7″ x 5″ Dual Voice Coil Loudspeaker – supplied individually

£37.46 exc VAT (£44.95 inc vat)

The Dual Voice Coil design allows you to connect 2 stereo channels from your radio to one speaker, providing you with maximum sound for a single speaker application! These types of speakers are generally used in cars that only have one speaker location in the dash or the rear parcel shelf area, being able to connect 2 stereo channels to one speaker provides for a fuller, richer sound that a mono or single voice coil speaker cannot provide.

This 5×7″ speaker comes with a grille and is designed and sized to fit in an OEM location (NOTE: these and other modern speakers are generally not for use with original mono radios unless they can handle either 2 or 8 ohm impedance loads)

Please note that you are purchasing ONE 7″ x 5″ Dual Voice Coil speaker, which is a full range speaker with a flush mount 2 way dual tweeter assembly, Dual Voice coil system.

Power Rating : 80 Watts Max Power


For more details download our Classic Car Stereo product brochure