CCS Classic 200B Spindle Mount Radio Black DAB/DAB+/FM

(Including vat)

The all black fascia version of our own Spindle mount radio with DAB, iPhone, Bluetooth music streaming, bluetooth hands free calling and much more is now available to order!

Also includes DAB antenna and Microphone

Full Specs:

Dab / DAB+
Bluetooth music streaming
Bluetooth hands free mobile phone (external microphone included)
Green LCD display
Rear USB input

Rear Phono aux input

Subwoofer output

Amplifier output

iPhone and iPOD compatible (earlier 32pin iPods will play but not charge)
DIN-D size
4 x 45 watts output
ISO connector
12V negative earth
Non volatile memory - retains radio memory presets even when all power is disconnected

Includes knobs and facia

Please see the sizing image for full dimensions

For DIN aperture mounting use our adaptor kit CA026

You can also add a front mounted USB adaptor with our CA070 Dashmount USB extension

DAB aerial adaptor – our Classic 200 radio comes with a stick on window DAB aerial included in the box, however if you feel the stick on window aerial will spoil the look of your car we do have an adaptor that enables you to use your existing car aerial to receive DAB with our CA031 DAB Adaptor Module

Audio Formats

Audio CD:
Aux input:
Line Input:
Media Card:

Operating Manual (CCS_Classic_200_Radio_manual_Full.pdf, 1,131 Kb) [Download]